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Welcome to Motabitz Cycles & Leisure

in the heart of Salisbury City Centre.

We have free customer parking for your car or cycle on site.  

We can help you take your bikes on holiday by supplying and or fitting a bike carrier to your car or vehicle.

Our cycle carriers will allow you to take a single or multiple bikes with you on your trip.

We offer a wide variety of different bike carriers to cater for different vehicles, number of bikes, and safety.

We are authorised distributors in Salisbury & district for Thule, Streetwise & Maypole.

Roof mounted cycle carriers attach to roof bars that have been fixed across the car from side to side. You will need these first.

If you have them, great, if not let us quote you for roof bars too. Roof mounted cycle carriers are available in a variety of styles and qualities.


The main advantages are that the cycles do not interfere with access to the rear of the car and are held individually. Locking options are generally better.

The disadvantages are that you have to lift the cycle up on the roof!


We stock models from Thule & Streetwise. We check our prices against those available in other stores and online so you can be certain of a very competitive price.



We offer a wide range of towbar mounted cycle carriers from brand names including Thule, Streetwise & Maypole.

We offer carriers for two, three and four cycles, fitted with lights and plugging into your existing towbar socket.

Models include options to lock to the towball and lock cycles to the carrier for ultimate safety.

Many exceed the standards of the City Crash Test.

Tilt models that still provide access to your boot are available as well.


Need a towbar?

Towbars are now part of the MOT test and ours meet all European standards, will pass the MOT and not invalidate your warranty. Ask us for a quote today.

Going on a biking trip? call us now:

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Going on a biking trip?

Roof bike carriers

Tow bar mounted cycle carriers

Cycle dealers

Rear bike carriers

Often a low cost way to move cycles with your car. We have a range of universal and tailored models with options for high and low level positioning of oyur bikes on the back of the car. The law states that you cannot obscure the number plate. Call in today. We are sure to be able to help.


Installation and fitting service always available. Ask for a quote.


If you're going on a biking trip, our staff can help you to not only get your bikes to the destination on a bike mount, but also suggest a wide variety of different accessories that could come in handy. Get in touch today.


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